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Some Really Ancient Testimonials to Alyce's Writing (From College Days, 1978-1982)

"Simply put, Alyce Barry is the best student I encountered in my nine years of university teaching. As an intern for my own publication, Sun & Moon: A Journal of Literature & Art, Alyce read several dozens of manuscripts each week and selected those that were of high enough quality to be passed on to our advisory readers. Even more impressive are her editorial abilities. She has an excellent command of the language and was able to involve herself enthusiastically in the most arduous of editorial tasks. I came increasingly to rely on her abilities to rewrite critical essays. She also showed me several samples of her own writing, each of which revealed her dynamic and subtle thinking. That she is articulate, personable, and sociable on top of all her talents, help to make her an exceptional woman. I look forward to hearing of her reputation as an outstanding editor/writer in the future."
Dr. Douglas Messerli, Associate Professor of English, Temple University, 1982, and since then, author of numerous books of poetry and literary criticism

"Among the outstanding qualities that contribute to her success, first is Alyce's mature intellectual curiosity. Much of the time we are faced with diligent dullards or immature enthusiasts. So it's really exciting when someone like Alyce comes along who has disciplined, well-motivated intelligence and retains enthusiasm for intellectual adventure. Second is her articulateness. At a time when we most often deal with writing skills at a remedial level, it's almost culture shock to read one of Alyce's papers: fluent, precise, elegant. She has complete command of the written language. But I'm sure this will be strongly suspected by anyone who interviews her, since she is also superbly articulate in conversation. If times were better for philosophers, we would have urged more strongly that she continue on in the field. But I understand that her current ambitions lie elsewhere. Someone, in some profession, somewhere, who hires her is going to land an absolute prize."
Dr. Charles Dyke, Professor of Philosophy, Temple University, 1982



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